production unit

The produced Nano New Tech Corporation, with the help of expert personnel and advanced machines, always provides a quality and repeatable product for customer use.
The main goal of this unit is to provide timely products while maintaining the best quality for all related industries.

Commercial unit

By choosing the best suppliers of raw materials, the business unit always strives to maintain and enhance the quality of the products.The experts of this unit also have a bridge between the consumers and the research and development unit by examining the domestic and foreign markets, and monitoring the needs of different industries in the field of coatings.

Quality control unit

The quality control unit, with its standard laboratory facilities and also the connection with the nanoscale laboratory, carries out its specific tasks with special sensitivity. All products of Novin Rhino nano seedlings are closely monitored by the quality control unit on the laboratory, semi-industrial and industrial scale. After the final approval, they are presented to the respectable customers.

Research and development unit

The largest strength of any knowledge-based company in the world is its research and development unit. Nowadays, Nanoparticle Nanoparticles Co., with the presence of one of the most dedicated research and development teams in the field of nano coatings in the country, has always been on the path to innovation, and so far 9 innovative products have received the patent from the company.

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D.R Mahdi Rahmani

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    Rangin Nano New-tech Company ”

    Rangin Nano New-tech Company, located in center of growth of technology- based branches of Roudehen Islamic Azad University. We are using electrostatic powder coating engineering knowledge as well as the properties and capabilities of Nano particles, has attempted to produce

    *antibacterial Nano-structure electrostatic powder coating,

    *Rust and corrosion-resistant Nano-structure electrostatic powder coating,

    *Nigh shining electrostatic powder coating,

    *Rust converter solution,

    *Nano Zinc Oxide powder

    And after initial testing and laboratory prototyping; These projects patented and presented in the domestic consumer market.


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