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Opening of the Nano-Structural Color Company Representative in Kerman Province

The exclusive representative of the production and sale of Larma Coverage was started on September 1, 1397 in Rafsanjan City, under the direction of Mr. Vahid Jomeh Yazdian. In this office, Larma Cover will be produced with a capacity of at least 5 tons per month and will be offered to the neighboring countries for […]

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    Rangin Nano New-tech Company ”

    Rangin Nano New-tech Company, located in center of growth of technology- based branches of Roudehen Islamic Azad University. We are using electrostatic powder coating engineering knowledge as well as the properties and capabilities of Nano particles, has attempted to produce

    *antibacterial Nano-structure electrostatic powder coating,

    *Rust and corrosion-resistant Nano-structure electrostatic powder coating,

    *Nigh shining electrostatic powder coating,

    *Rust converter solution,

    *Nano Zinc Oxide powder

    And after initial testing and laboratory prototyping; These projects patented and presented in the domestic consumer market.


    <h6>Address</h6>Tehran – Pardis Technology Park
    Tell: +989121447869
    Email: info@nano-newtech.com